Studying with foreigners

OK so I know that I am a foreigner here in France, but the people I go to school with are also foreigners who dont speak English as a first language. Let me start by saying that everyone I go to school with is really nice and they are all pretty smart. We have an architech, lawyer, accountant...people with very good resumes. One of my favorite things to watch is not only our cultural differences but the language barrier. A few weeks ago I was in a group with two boys and a girl. Both of the men were French (one was from the Congo, Africa-- but went to high school in France and now works in Paris). They always agreed on everything especially when it came to issues of employee treatment and cultural greetings. While the girl (Jamaican) and I always thought they were wrong (which they were). The language barrier really is the best though. On Wednesday as Guian Lucca (an architech from Italy) gave a presentation he discussed how the CEO of the company was very "humil and so he was accepting the praises of the other peoples". He used the word humil about 10 times and I was trying really hard not to laugh. He meant humble, but since the word comes from humility he thought humil was correct. Guian Lucca also finishes every sentence with "maybe"-- for example "the CEO is very humil so he does not accept the praises of the other peoples maybe". Even when there is no need for a "maybe" it will undoubtedly finish off the sentence. Later that night we had a glass of wine after class had finished and Bahar (a lawyer from Turkey) was making fun of our pier and said "oh Yann is a bit gay I think, he is half gay". That one got me going for a while-- she meant bi-sexual. Then of course as I ordered my wine I asked for "a mug of the red wine please" and everyone started laughing, so I am not immune to the barrier.

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