C'est normale.

I woke up yesterday morning and started my normal routine. I went to wash my face and heard a funny noise and....no water...?? Thats strange. So I went around to all my faucets and no water. Hmm I thought-- maybe they are doing work on my building. So I poked my head out the window into the court yard and didnt see anything going on. I emailed my landlord, I am pretty sure water is included, but I havent received any sort of bill so I wasnt sure if there was something I should be paying that I am not???? I ate my breakfast and washed my face with what little water I had left over in my water bottle from the day before and went out to get a water and coffee. On my way out my neighbor was leaving and I asked him if he was having a problem with his water. He said "c'est normale a Paris" meaning-- its normal for Paris. He said it is normal for the water to be turned off in Paris and that it would be turned back on by 3. I stood there happy that I hadnt done something wrong, but totally stunned...its normal for Paris to have the water turned off....why? I got my coffee and then came home and Googled it. I couldnt find anything. Later that day I had a hair cut, so I asked my hair dresser (who speaks english) and he looked at me like I was crazy. He said that didnt sound right, but that I live in one of the historic districts so maybe, he wasnt sure. Allll I know is that it would be very Parisian to just not have the water on, cause someone was on a lunch break or something. By the way, in case you are worried that I am working too hard, there is another holiday this Thursday. There have now been 5 holidays out of the 6 weeks I have been here.

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