I have my Visa

Yesterday I got my Carte Sejour-- my long stay visa. This was given to me after a medical examination that included a chest x-ray?? So weird. They weigh you, do an eye test then ask you to take off your clothes for a chest x-ray, like you are a carrier of tuberculosis. After that you are interviewed about your health-- nothing weird asked. Then you go to another little room where this lady takes your money and give you your visa. This step is where it got a little sticky. I guess she wasn't having a good day or something because she completely flipped out and kicked everyone out of the room. The only thing is that most of us didn't speak french, so we had no idea what was going on. A nice young man told me we had to leave and stand in the hall way (I haven't been sent to the hall way since high school Algebra). She kept on yelling it was soooooo confusing. Clearly she understands that we have NO idea what she is saying to us! Any ways after standing in the hall for about 10 minutes she let us back in and I got my visa. YAY! no more going to the prefecture!

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