French Reggae...

No it wasnt good at all. On Saturday night I went and met my friend Mandy out at Cite Universaire. It is this huge compound with a big park and tons of student housing similar to dorms, but dedicated to international students studying in Paris. There was a big party there with a concert out on the lawn. It was raining-- big time. So i wore my 10 layers of clothes and God bless the French for not only having beer-- but wine for little Celicas like me. There was the STRANGEST music EVER. We werent quiet sure what was going on. My favorite of the night was the French Reggae-- priceless really. It was really not good music- lol. Anyways I headed home (she lives out there) because the metro closes at 2am. I sat there with my book (that I LOOOOVE) waiting for the train to come, to take me to the metro. A nice man came over about 3 minutes later to let me know c'est ferme-- "its closed". Of course its closed, because i dont have a cell phone and no money because I hadnt received my bank card yet. SO awesome. I figured out how to walk to the metro the like 1:30am-- BUT i got there. And was so happy to finally be home. I put on my warmest 1 pair of pajama pants and my extra blanket and curled up in my Murphy bed. A fun night with a little complication!

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