I caved...ROSETTA STONE! My new love!

I finally caved and bought Rosetta Stone. For those of you who dont know it is a language company that teaches you languages on your computer. It is really expensive, but they have an option to not buy the CDs and to go through their server and use the product online for half the price. So this was the option I chose and I am really liking the program. It doesnt explain alot of gramatical sturucture and what not, it just jumps in and starts by associating pictures with sentences. I think I would have been really lost if I had started Rosetta Stone without ANY knowledge of the language but I recommend it for someone who may be a level 2. My French has gotten a lot better, but I still cannot have a normal conversation with people. I can usually get across what I am trying to say, but I know I sound ridiculous. Maybe I will sound like a 5 year old by the time I leave-- heres hoping!

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