Trip to Versailles!

This was a busy weekend! Saturday my friend Jessica and I hopped on the train to Versailles. We got off the train and you walk a few blocks and see this enormous monstrocity! Versailles is HUGE. We walked in the main building and saw the famous hall of mirrors. There are several churches inside the compound because the King went to church every single day (cant imagine!). The gardens were even more amazing, they make up the size of a normal town-- so big! We walked around the gardens and the several fountains. I immediately felt like we were in sense and sensibility, the movie :-) There were even a small pen of sheep! Next was the chateau of Marie Antoinette which was some what humble compared to the rest of the estate and PINK! (and was far away from the rest of the estate), but if those walls could talk...! She also had a miniature theater built for her so she could take acting classes to improve her French (she was Austrian). The whole trip was fun, but tiring and defiantly recommended. I cant imagine living somewhere like that, it was really amazing.

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