Things I will do when I get back to the US

Whiten my teeth. I love coffee and so do the French. The problem is that since they are obsessed with avoiding cellulite they have forgotten to stock their pharmacies with teeth whiteners.

Target. It was a tragity when I realized I had put all of my men's white Hanes V-neck shirts in storage! Good Lord-- this is a staple in my weekly wardrobe. A trip to Target will be a must.

Nordstroms. Both my watch and a pair of sunglasses have broke, and where do you take things like that in France...?? You dont, you wait to go to Nordstroms, the store that fixes everything in the world. Such a service based store--by nature-- could not be located in France.

Buy Running shoes :-) Running shoes are expensive here! Because only 5 people in France run, the six pairs of running shoes they sell are in very high demand, making them expensive.

Walgreens and buy lotion, dental floss and fingernail polish all for under $15. In Paris each of these items cost about 8 Euros each!

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