This Sunday we headed off to Honfleur, a small town in Normandy. My friend Pascal drove and it took about two hours from Paris. I have driven the french countryside and it really just looks like driving through America. Similar to areas east of San Francisco. Its this cute town with very old and narrow streets, built on a hill. We got there and had lunch at a nice restaurant (well they had lunch at a nice restaurant, I had my sac lunch on a bench). Then we walked around the town. There was a really pretty wooden church. It was built 100% out of wood, which is very uncommon here. Then we walked along the harbor in a few little shops. Then it started pouring rain! So we ducked into a small tea shop, which was straight out of Alice and Wonderland. It was this very narrow building with about 4 stories. They had a large selection of tea and delicious looking pastries. After our round of tea we headed back to the car and started the drive home, which turned out to be very long! Sunday night every Parisian drives back into the city from the countryside and there was ALOT of traffic. I did get to see a French fireman, and they wear the funniest silver, chrome helmets with like a little skirt around the bottom of the hat. I took a picture, but I dont think that it was very clear (as we were driving).

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