No finance for me???

So I was suppose to have class today but received an email from my school saying that International Finance would be postponed to June 28th because the teacher had an emergency. They said that they were aware that some students would be out of the country, as it is right before our seminars in New York and to alert them if this was your situation. So it is my situation and I emailed the school to ask them what my options were. The response was that I could write an extra paper to make up the units or use my "pre" examination grade in it's place (this was basically a paper written with my application). I wrote back asking if this meant that I wouldnt receive any schooling in finance, as I didnt find it a responsible (especially considering the recent financial turmoil) to send another MBA grad into the world with a complete lack of knowledge in finance. So I asked if maybe there was an online class I could take or maybe they could buy me a book...."finance for dummies"....I dunno maybe they could replace "human resource development" with finance, as it is easier to fake knowing how to manage employees as it is to fake knowing finance.

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