Paris Flea Markets

Last weekend I made my way out to the famous Paris Flea markets. I went to one (Saint Ouen) out by the Sorbonne (not the niiiiicest area by the way). It was alright. Most of the market is overridden with modern day brand names and clothes. Its a good place to get sneakers or random clothing items, but it wasnt the antique gold mine I had thought it would be, which was a little disappointing. The sales people were very un-french like. They tried for a hard sell and basically chased you down the street. Typically in France sales people will only talk to you unless you approach them. They think it is rude and bothersome (and i agree).
It was a glorious day. I walked around in the sun for a few hours and checked out the area. I ended up buying a pair of linen pants, nothing special but will be good for school on hot days. I think maybe smaller markets might have more unique items....all that means is that I have to go to those too!

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